Tales from Time-Out By Henry J. Roth

Few years ago, I met a psychologist, who happens to be my friend. She was working as a kindergarten teacher for a while and her experiences are priceless! She suggested me this book "Tales from Time-Out by Henry. J. Roth" and I can't thank her enough!

The author has been a principal for 16 years and I am impressed with the way he involves, decodes and deals with kids' behaviour, understanding their psychological state and responding it in a effective manner. He explains it with a lot of humour and is quiet enjoyable.

This book is for parents, teachers, special educator, child care or anyone who deals with children and also for those who loves kids!

After reading this book, my perspective changed a lot while dealing with people coming from various background. That's the reason I want to revisit this book and would like to have it in my collection.

It's available in Kindle and Google Books. Do read it and feel free to comment below! ;)


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