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Ayn Rand's The FountainHead

The bestest birthday gift from a bestie till date! Love to have it in my collections.

The most philosophical book ever read! Most of us have come across different and wide variety of personalities. Some of us may be confused what we wanna be. Some of us may not feel comfortable with ourselves. Some of us choose to be, to be accepted in his crowd. Some of us choose to be, just for himself. Some of us may feel that we don't wanna be what we are and we wanna improve ourselves. Each of us consistently strives to improve our personality in one way or other, depending on their circumstances or experiences.

None of us can know ourselves or others completely at any time.

This book always tells "To Be Yourself, No Matter What" and that's what my dad is doing throughout his life, inspite the peoples' opinion. The bravest man I have ever known!

The book starts with two young architects - Peter Keating and Howard Roark.
Keating and Roark were classmates. In the story, it …