South African Comedy Film

Have you heard of "Gods Must Be Crazy" movie?


Well, it's time to watch! It's one of my favorite movie ever! They have two series.

The first one is the most funniest one! It's innocent but hilarious! It begins with a empty Coca-Cola bottle which is thrown from a plane, lands in front of African lad. The puzzled lad thought it was a gift from god and decides to put in good use. But, instead it created chaos in his tribe. He then decides to find the end of the world and dispose the cursed thing off!

The second begins with trunk that passed his tribe. His two curious kids jumped onto the trunk and goes for a ride without driver's knowledge. The African lad determines to rescue his kids. While doing so, they come across a plane crash and some western guys fighting.

Enjoy the movie and don't forget to let us know what you feel about it! ;)

P.S: It's a U/A movie!


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